Range designs and layouts are reviewed by the IHRSA Safety Officer before the start of a competition to ensure the safety of all competitors and spectators.

A dedicated range officer is responsible for the safety at the firing line. The range officer manages equipment malfunctions and all other abnormal situations to ensure the safe completion of a competition.

General Safety regarding shooting can be found under rules and regulations

Adverse Weather Conditions

On adverse weather turns causing danger (e.g.) seeing a flash of lightning on a shooting course. If you are caught out on the range during severe weather, please take action to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Where possible shooters will be warned before the shoot starts about the potential for severe weather occurring on the day.

On seeing a flash of lightning, shooters must stop shooting, one long blast will be sounded on an air horn by the range organisers to advise shooters who did not witness the lightning flash, that they must immediately stop shooting. Shooters are advised to return to the club house. Shooters can also take refuge in their motor vehicles. Shooters should also stay away from tall objects such as trees, and put their rifles away as they may act as a lightning conductor. When conditions have improved the match organisers and safety officer will reopen the course, the signal will be 3 short blasts on the air horn.

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